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our history & Mission

The Young Israel of North Woodmere had humble beginnings in a converted house on Golf Drive in 1977. Over a quarter of a century later, the shul inhabits a beautiful building on Hungry Harbor Road, and has attracted over 150 member families. The membership is a proudly diverse convergence representing all walks of Jewish life. It is the rare place where the ba’al teshuvah and the black hat daven side by side. Where Ashkenazi veteran and Sephardic rookie share the bimah. Where Israeli, American, Russian, Latin American, South African, British, Danish, and Carpathian Jews meld together to create one voice that ascends to the heavens to pray for ourselves, our neighbors, our government and soldiers, and the nation of Israel. Its doors – like our Rabbi’s arms – are open to everyone. It is a shul that suspends judgment and allows everyone to flourish at their own pace.

Youth programs, athletics, adult classes, social events, and special holiday programs make it one of the most active synagogues in the Five Towns. Yes despite its explosive growth, YINW has maintained its close, family-like atmosphere and continues to enjoy its reputation as being one of the friendliest synagogues around.

We believe that becoming a shul member should never feel like an obligation, or worse, a burden. Becoming a shul member means that you have realized and appreciate the value of becoming part of the YINW family. Joining as a member is an important step that we hope comes after careful consideration and an understanding of what makes the YINW special.

Contact our Rabbi, President, or Financial Secretary to learn more.


Sat, May 18 2024 10 Iyyar 5784