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Restaurants & Shopping

Kosher Restaurants

The following is a list of just some of the kosher restaurants near our shul. 

Bagels & Donuts          
Bagel Boys On Central 374-7644   598 Central Avenue, Cedarhurst   Dairy
Dunkin Donuts 596-0400   120 East Sunrise Highway, Valley Stream   Dairy
Dunkin Donuts 239-2052   299 Burnside Avenue, Lawrence   Dairy
Gotta Getta Bagel 374-5245   1039 Broadway, Woodmere   Dairy
Giant Bagel 239-0440   480 Rockaway Turnpike, Lawrence   Dairy
Toddy’s Appetizers 295-1999   436 Central Avenue, Cedarhurst   Dairy
Bogo Pizza 371-0004   206 Rockaway Turnpike, Cedarhurst   Dairy
Cork & Slice 837-7788   477 Chestnut Street, Cedarhurst   Dairy
Dave’s Pizza & Bourekas 295-6925   580 Central Avenue, Cedarhurst   Dairy
Jerusalem Famous Pizza 569-0074   344 Central Avenue, Lawrence   Dairy
Josh's Brooklyn Brick Oven Pizza 569-7408   608 Central Avenue, Cedarhurst   Dairy
Pizza Pious 295-2050   1063 Broadway, Woodmere   Dairy
Pizza’le 218-2828   560 Central Avenue, Cedarhurst   Dairy
Other Dairy          
Berrylicious Yogurt 792-3848   295 Burnside Avenue, Lawrence   Dairy
The Big Chill (Ice Cream) 996-5555   1060 Broadway, Woodmere   Dairy
Cafe Chocolat 792-2462   556 Central Avenue, Cedarhurst   Dairy
Central Perk 374-6400   105 Cedarhurst Avenue, Cedarhurst   Dairy
The Coffee Bar 791-5200   345 Central Avenue, Lawrence   Dairy
Crawfords 612-2047   424 Central Avenue, Cedarhurst   Dairy
Geffen Gourmet 791-5000   407 Mill Road, Hewlett    
Life Café 837-3095   235 Mill Street, Lawrence   Dairy
Mom's Pastries 295-4441   517 Central Avenue Cedarhurst   Dairy
Qcumbers Café 295-2155   566 Central Avenue, Cedarhurst   Dairy
Sunflower Café 569-4522   357 Central Avenue, Lawrence   Dairy
Upper Crust 341-7211   442 Central Avenue, Cedarhurst   Dairy
Simply Sushi Cafe 569-2662   137 Spruce Street, Cedarhurst    
Stop, Chop & Roll 341-7874   119 Cedarhurst Avenue, Cedarhurst    
Sushi Tokyo 882-2244   337 Central Avenue, Lawrence    
Cho-Sen Island 374-1199   367 Central Avenue, Lawrence   Meat
Wok Tov 295-3843   594 Central Avenue, Cedarhurst   Meat
Other Meat Restaurants          
Ahuva’s Grill 341-0400   1326 Peninsula Boulevard, Hewlett   Meat
Ahuva’s Grill Express 239-0110   480 Rockaway Turnpike, Lawrence   Meat
Carlos and Gabby’s 239-8226   143 Washington Avenue, Lawrence   Meat
Chimichurri Charcoal Kitchen 371-3600   450 Rockaway Turnpike, Cedarhurst   Meat
Five Fifty Restaurant 374-0550   550 Central Avenue, Cedarhurst   Meat
Graze 828-5000   529 Central Avenue, Cedarhurst   Meat
HaPina Grill 295-1800   128 Cedarhurst Avenue, Cedarhurst   Meat
Holy Schnitzel 374-4659   688 Central Avenue, Cedarhurst   Meat
Prime Bistro 374-7772   305 Central Avenue, Cedarhurst   Meat
Traditions Eatery 295-3630   302 Central Avenue, Lawrence   Meat
Kosher Grocery Stores          
Gourmet Glatt 569-2662   137 Spruce Street, Cedarhurst    
Gourmet Glatt 295-6901   1030 Railroad Avenue, Woodmere    
Seasons 295-3300   330 Central Avenue, Lawrence    
Seasons Express 666-9900   50 Doughty Boulevard, Lawrence    


Important Notice:  There are a number of very convenient general supermarkets in the area.  Needless to say most items in the general supermarkets must be checked for reliable kosher certification. For a list of items that do NOT require kosher certification, click here and here.   For a PARTIAL list of kosher symbols that are reliable, click here.

Reminder: After Pesach, chametz products may only be purchased from an approved list of general supermarkets (or from the local kosher supermarkets).  The list of approved supermarkets changes from year to year and is sent out to the YINW mailing list after Pesach.

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