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The Young Israel of North Woodmere is a vibrant, multi-generational, Modern Orthodox Synagogue serving the spiritual, educational and social needs of the North Woodmere community. The YINW provides multiple minyanim, Torah learning opportunities and fun programming for our children. Under the leadership of Rabbi Yehuda Septimius, the YINW actively engages in chesed projects, Israel Advocacy and more. We welcome individuals and families of all ages, backgrounds, levels of education and observance. Please join us for a Shabbos or one of our many learning or social activities and we are confident that you will find a warm and welcoming home.

THE YINW Vacczine

This is a time of social distancing, but that is no reason we - as a shul and community - cannot remain a tightly bound family.

To that end, we present to you the first issue of a daily publication: The YINW Vacczine. Something to enlighten, entertain, uplift, inspire, make you think, but, most of all, keep us together.

It is a work in progress. We are sure it will evolve. We hope it grows. 

We are not looking for submissions, but if you (or your talented high school age and up children) are interested in writing, please send an email to Jordan Hiller ( As The Vacczine will be there for you every day until the clouds lift, we will always be looking for interesting, quality writing to fill our pages. We are taking this seriously and want to deliver something meaningful to you in these difficult and confusing times. The pieces can be first person essays, second person stories, fiction, poetry, humor, reviews, editorials, opinions - at this point we have no rules other than original, clever, and positive!

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Fri, September 24 2021 18 Tishrei 5782