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Gitty and Shapsie Markus
Gitty and Shapsie Markus left Brooklyn (in 2006) with their sons, Chaim and Ahron (Mendy was already on the way), for North Woodmere's warm, welcoming community with the Young Israel of North Woodmere as its spiritual and social center. During these ten years, the Markus Mishpacha expanded to include Raizy (finally, a girl!), who balanced out more than just the color scheme at the Markus home.

Shapsie is a sports enthusiast who, during his spare time, fancies himself an experienced civil litigator for whom no case is too difficult to settle. He became active at the YINW almost immediately when Stuart Katz suggested he join the board as Recording & Corresponding Secretary (whatever that is). At the behest of Stuart and the YINW's spiritual leader, Rabbi Yehuda Septimus, Shapsie spent two years as the shul president during which time his board of directors ran educational, uplifting and fun programs, and he managed to survive the Roast. Shapsie's finest work came when he named Jordan Hiller his successor.

Gitty juggles the demands and hectic sports schedules of the Markus boys, her duties as a kindergarten Morah at the Yeshiva of South Shore and whatever nonsense Shapsie throws her way. As First Lady, she frequently opened her home to Shabbas guests from NW and afar, doing her best to make them feel welcome at YINW.

Gitty and Shapsie have practically raised their children at the YINW where they have enjoyed dancing with the Torah on Hungry Harbor Road, Sukkah Hopping, Chanukah parties, Purim carnivals and Bonfires on the Beach. The shul has always been a large part of their lives and they appreciated being able to celebrate Chaim’s recent Bar Mitzvah with the community. It was yet another reminder that Gitty and Shapsie chose the best neighborhood in which to raise their children.

The Markuses are flattered to have been chosen for recognition at the 2017 YINW Dinner and most humbled that they get to share the spotlight with their good friends, Amy & Jordan Hiller, who are most deserving of this honor.

Dinner honoree

Any and Jordan Hiller

Amy and Jordan Hiller
Amy and Jordan Hiller, along with their daughter Cory and Mookie the cat, moved to North Woodmere in 2004 and discovered that the local shul – the Young Israel of North Woodmere – was between rabbis. That surprising beginning started their family on an incredible journey with the YINW and the community of North Woodmere. 

Their community work began as a fluke. In 2008, Jordan asked then President Stuart Katz if he could host a football viewing party in shul (using the shul’s flimsy projector screen) and maybe raise a few bucks for tzedakah.  As is the YINW way when crazy ideas are suggested, Stuart enthusiastically supported the plan and made sure it happened. A few months later – as is the YINW way – a generous Edy and Howard Blady donated a giant screen TV to the shul and it was installed in the basement for future shul use (i.e. Game Night!). 

Amy and Jordan (and their families and friends) have hosted Game Night @ YINW for nine consecutive years now, and have raised $100,000 divided between 10 different charities. It has become a North Woodmere institution, bringing the larger community together and showing young people that chesed is important and can even be fun. In addition to Game Night, the Hillers have worked on numerous events in the community including the Lag B'Omer Bonfire, The YINW Roast, The BKNW Bowl, and The YINWIES.

Jordan was a proud third-generation Young Israel president and over eight years served the shul in nearly every capacity since he joined the YINW Executive Board in 2008, including Youth Leader, Vice President, President, Secretary, Softball Captain, and Security Team member. The Hillers considers it especially appropriate that they are being honored alongside the Markuses. It was Shapsie and Gitty’s ability and example; taking on the heavy lifting of shul leadership, and to do so with such care and dignity, that gave them the courage to give it a shot.

Amy and Jordan welcomed two new additions to their family while living in North Woodmere; Maya (recently bat-mitzvahed at YINW) and Jack. At Jack's shalom zachor, someone commented that it was great to see members of all three shuls (at the time – a measly three!) come together. If there is a North Woodmere legacy that matters to the Hillers, it is the unity of North Woodmere. That it always maintain that small town – out of state – feel where everyone feels comfortable in every shul and in everyone’s home. 

Wed, April 25 2018 10 Iyyar 5778