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05/20/2020 11:03:57 PM


Rabbi Jeffrey Miller

Scientific Universe.
Some versions have "scientific community".

This includes Rabbis, but only those who hold that Torah permits the study of ‘science’ in yeshiva.

Since the days of Moshe Rabbeinu, no one can truly be called humble.

CE Era.  
Not to be confused with a car that used to be manufactured by Oldsmobile.

Face Masks.
 I have a recurring dream – a nightmare really – of going into a bank with my face mask and being shot dead by a security guard who did not get the memo.

Never Wears A Suit.
Never say never, for he does indeed sometimes wear a suit, though he prefers suit pants and a tie and no jacket. Ed.


The "Christian" calendar is divided into "B.C." and "A.D.".  The scientific universe has rejected these labels but kept the same objective historical marker.  That is why we prefer the nomenclature of "Common Era" (CE) and "Before the Common Era" (BCE).  

It seems to this idle observer that we need a reset, with a new count, for we clearly live in a post-common era world.  Conveniently, we can start anew on Jan. 1, 2020.  I humbly suggest we call it "PCE" for Post Corona Era.  Since I am coining the term, I hereby state that the correct pronunciation of "PCE" is piece (see, also, "peace").  Under no circumstances are you to say "pace" or "pice".  If you do, you will just sound silly.  

The PCE era differs considerably from the CE Era in many ways, both large and small.  As a Breisa says, "I need not remark on all the large social changes for we all know about social distancing and face masks."  I, for one, have ditched pants with a zipper.  My wardrobe now consists entirely of faded, worn polo shorts and sweatpants.

This [casual clothing] is expressly permitted, as it states in Torah [Ex. 39], "And they made the linen tunics, the work of a weaver, for Aaron and for his sons and the cap of linen, and the glorious high hats of linen, and the linen pants."  

But surely casual clothing there refers to the Mishkan, which is why Rabbi Miller never wears a suit in shul!  This is a good refutation indeed.

"B.C." and "A.D.".
Each term refers to the first CEO of their faith.

Idle Observer.
Rabbi Jeffrey Miller, whose business has decreased by the same proportion as would prohibit a drop of milk to fall into a pot of chicken soup.

Some say that Aussies may pronounce it as "Pie-ce". Others say that even those from the land down under are required to speak it correctly. TEKU.

PCE Era.
This is redundant, isn't it?  In long hand it is the equivalent of saying "Post Corona Era" era.  Still, since we say "ATM Machine", we permit PCE era to be pronounced, "Peace Era").

We Prefer.
We still count from the creation of the world but dating checks, deeds, and other instruments that get filed in lower courts cannot use creation of the world since there is no universally accepted date – outside our own Torah-True community.

Social Changes.
The braisa does limit the disruptions to social distancing and face masks. It merely uses these as examples. For a complete list, buy my book called "Peace be Upon You", not yet available on Amazon.

Mon, March 4 2024 24 Adar I 5784